Seashine Asset Management


A financial services company that includes:

A property technology (“PropTech”) platform with expert operations personnel

A fixed-income real estate investor with prominent, private equity capital partner with existing asset performance

A real estate investment trust (‘REIT’) with:

Unique and innovative products and service offering

A robust capital markets infrastructure leveraging asset-backed financing strategies


Seashine Capital Management


Seashine Financial LLC –  the Fin-Tech platform and operating company of Seashine. group of companies;

American Interbanc Mortgage – a Direct to Consumer online mortgage originator

Atalaya Alamosa – Seashine LLC


A joint venture between Atalaya Capital management and Seashine Asset Management focusing on aggregating residential real estate acquisition lease assets


Seashine Capital Management

Press Release:

Atalaya Capital Management joins Seashine to invest in up to $250M of REAL Program assets

Seashine Private Debt Fund (Cayman)


Seashine Private Debt Fund, LP, a Cayman Islands exempted limited partnership

Providing equity and debt financing to Seashine Asset Management to support the execution of the Acquisition-Lease program & asset 

General partner:

Seashine Capital Management

Seashine Asset Fund


An open-end actively managed, well balanced, diversified real estate asset based growth fund

To generate a return comprised of both current income and capital appreciation with moderate volatility


Seashine Capital Management

All American Asset Management

Primary Portfolio:

Proprietary real estate & lease related prop-tech origination platform

Commercial real estate & leases

Single family Rental (SFR) residential real estate assets & leases

Speciality industrial real estates & leases

Manufacturing house assets & leases